Pets Need Manners

Hi Friends! Do you like my tuff as fluff look? This is my new Harley hat, I feel very tough wearing it! Momma and I are very passionate about rescuing pups, but did you know that all pups take some work when you get them? We are not like a doll you put on a shelf. We take some work. Its SO important that you not only give us food and water, but also teach us manners and to socialize with people and other animals. We love to learn and please our humans. One of the reasons humans dump us in shelters is because we are naughty. Much like human children we just need to learn good manners. Momma says it's ok for me to look like a tough guy, but I need to act like a good boy. Remember I lived 10 years in a cage before moving to Wisconsin. I had to learn to trust humans, and how to act with other animals. Momma said I have great manners now. So please do me a favor, if you are getting a new pet invest in the time to teach them manners. Love Your Tuff as Fluff Pup, King

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