Meet Emerson

Hi Friends! Can you believe Momma took a picture of me sleeping? She said she was so proud of me helping our new foster learn the ropes at our house. This is Emerson, he came to our house last night. Two weeks ago he was wandering the streets of Missouri. He is about 7 years old, and he is blind. The people at animal control found him. They brought him in and gave him a place to crash, food and water. Now that sounds great, however they have rules and pups have 10 days to find their owners if they are lost. After 10 days either they can be adopted, or due to over crowding, they go to the rainbow bridge. When our friends in Missouri pleaded Emerson’s case (with his "disability" it was looking like the rainbow bridge) , the rescue asks for fosters. If they find a foster the pups lives can be saved. If not there is nothing that can be done ... So you guessed it! Momma saw Emerson’s photo and said YES! Now he is hanging out with us until he meets his very own forever Momma. Have you ever wondered how you can help? Regardless of where you live there are rescues and humane societys that are desperate to save more lives. But they need you to say YES to fostering too. Love Your Napping with My New BFF Pup, King

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