Have a safe 4th of July!

Hi Friends! We need to talk very seriously today. I know I am so handsome and fluffy, and I look like I can do anything. I am an extremly patriotic pup. I have many friends that defend our freedom. However, for me this week is the most scary week of the year. Why you ask?? So many great humans celebrate with fireworks. I totally understand the celebration, but those loud noises scare me to the point I shake for a very long time. So my momma has done some things to help. For the next week she will leave the TVs on downstairs just a little louder than normal, even if shes gone. She also turns on fans. Why you ask? This will help us pups not hear the loud noise. Momma also makes sure when we go out, we are all on leashes and we have current tags on. This will help keep us safe. Please plan ahead for fireworks. Your pups will not enjoy them like you will. Please keep us safely at home. Love your Patriotic Pup, King

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