Frequently Asked Questions

Find the Answers to the Most Common Dog Rescue and Adoption Questions

Why do I need to list personal references?

We love each Diamond Dog as if they were a part of our own family. References allow us to ensure that our Diamonds will go to safe, caring and loving forever homes.

Do I have to own or live in a single family home in order to be approved for adoption?

Apartment renters are welcome to adopt! If you are currently renting, all we ask is that you send us the part of your rental agreement that specifies any breed or size restrictions, or that states that there are no restrictions. If this information isn’t in your rental agreement, we ask that you have your landlord send us a letter or email stating that dogs are allowed and listing any breed or size restrictions. If you haven’t found your little bundle of slobber yet, we will help you find the one that’s best suited for your living environment.

What if I’ve never owned a dog before? Will I still be able to adopt?

If you are hoping to be a first-time dog parent, you’ve come to the right place! You don’t have to be the dog whisperer in order to adopt, but we will speak with your personal references and discuss the responsibilities of raising a dog at your home visit. We have a large community of fosters and previous adopters that are eager to help you with any questions you may have, as well as an Adoption Resources page packed with information to help you navigate the most common new dog behaviors.


What are the adoption fees and what do they include?

Puppies: $350

Dogs, 1 - 5 years old: $300

Dogs, 6 – 10 years old: $285

Senior dogs: $225

The adoption fee helps pay for:

  • “Pulling” fee to rescue the dog from a kill shelter in the South

  • Cost of transporting the dog to Wisconsin

  • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection by a license veterinarian, required to transport dogs into the state

  • All necessary vaccinations for their age

  • Monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventatives

  • Spay or neuter procedures

  • Microchip

Each dog’s adoption fee does not completely cover the cost of all the items above, but it contributes significantly. This adoption fee, our fundraising efforts and the generous donations of our supporters, is what allows us to keep rescuing dogs that would otherwise be put to sleep solely because there is no room for them at the overcrowded shelters.

Your adoption fee and donations save lives.

Are adoption fees tax-deductible?

Adoption fees cannot be claimed as deductible charitable donations on income returns. However, any additional donation made to our organization may be eligible for tax deduction. Please speak to a tax professional to see if yours would qualify. You can make donations here.

What is your Employer Identification Number (EIN) number for tax-deductible donations?

Our EIN number is 81-5181602. If you would like to receive an emailed receipt for your monetary contribution, please email us at

How do I schedule my adopted dog’s spay/neuter appointment?

Spay and neuter procedures can be scheduled at our partner vet clinic in Madison, Wisconsin, or through your preferred vet clinic. If you would like to go through our vet, please email us at and we will work with you to schedule the procedure. If you prefer to go through your own veterinary clinic, please email the following information: the veterinarian clinic’s name, phone number, and the date and time of the scheduled procedure. We will call on the day of the surgery and pay $75 towards the cost of the procedure.

What if I am unable to keep my adopted dog?

If you can no longer care for a previously adopted dog, please contact us and we will arrange a time to come pick them up. Every family will need to sign a contract at the time of adoption. Part of this agreement states that all adopted Diamond Dogs must be returned to our organization if the adoptive family can no longer care for them. It is our responsibility to ensure that our Diamond Dogs will never end up in a shelter or abusive environment.

Will I receive a refund for the adoption fees if I end up returning my dog?

Adoption fees are nonrefundable, but may qualify as a monetary contribution tax deduction. Please speak with a tax professional to advise further.