Diamond Dogs Shine the Brightest



We are much more than your average local dog rescue

At Diamond Dogs Rescue, we help dogs connect with the family that they were meant to be a part of.

We also are here for those who need us most during a difficult time. When someone can no longer care for dogs they so deeply love, they can trust us to take them in, place them in a foster home and care for them until they’re ready to go to a forever home.


We are a foster-based rescue


We treat and care for every Diamond Dog as our own. In fact, prior to finding their forever families, they temporarily join one of ours.

Our volunteer foster families love and care for our dogs until the day they are adopted and beyond. Instead of sitting in a kennel, waiting for their future family to find them, they get to do what dogs do best and enjoy activities such as:

  • Going on walks

  • Taste-testing new dog treats

  • Playing tag with squirrels in the backyard

  • Enjoying their daily belly rub

  • Suspiciously staring down the mailman and UPS drivers

  • Hogging the bed and snoring loudly

  • Fetching balls and chewing on bones

  • Cuddling with their foster family

  • Dreaming of the day they will be yours forever

Featured dogs


When you adopt through Diamond Dogs Rescue, you won’t just meet your new best friend. You will also join a community of dog rescue families where you’ll meet new friends, get great advice about all things dogs and have a place to go when you have questions!

Because, you see, at Diamond Dogs, our goal isn’t just to help dogs.

It’s also to help you.