Flamingo Night

Hi Friends! I wanted to share a special event I attended this week. I went to Flamingo night at my bff Mary's shop. I wore my flamingo sunglasses, a pink floaty (real men wear pink) and I took my flamingo beach towel. It's fun to go to these events. When people see me and notice that Mary has my picture up, they come and talk to Momma and I. It gives us a chance to tell more people about my story and how important adopting instead of shopping is. Ms. Mary had a Sundae bar set up. I love vanilla ice cream. Of course Momma only let me have a little. I also was lucky enough to get a picture with another of my bff's Ms. Mary's daughter Ms. Abby isnt she pretty, I was one lucky dog. Thank you Ms. Mary for asking Momma to bring me and share my message. Love Your Pink Flamingo Pup, King

PeeS: A special note to let you know my most beautiful Queen Cody isn't herself lately. Momma said at 16 or 112 in human years shes just worn out. She isn't in pain, but we can tell shes getting weaker each day. I will keep you all updated if there are any changes. It's time for me to go back and check on her.

Diamond Dogs