Happy Father's Day

Hi Friends! Today is a very special day! I want to send a very special Happy Father's Day to all the great Dog Dads out there! I've been thinking alot about Father's Day. You see I fathered so many little ones that I was never allowed to meet. How sad is that! Just as sad puppymill puppies are taken away from their mommies way to early. One of the best things that happened to me the day after I was rescued was my trip to see Dr. Neil, the veterinary down in Tennessee. He did the neuter. Now I don't quite remember much, but my rescuer told me I'd never have to father more puppies, but more importantly, I would live a longer and healthier life. Please neuter your daddy pups, it really does help them live a longer life. Love Your Happily Neutered Pup, King. PS Do you love my new shirt from my sissy Hanna she brought it back from her vacation.

Diamond Dogs