Country Rose Shop Donates to Diamond Dogs

Hi Friends! I went to visit my bff Mary at the Country Rose Shop. I picked up another round of donations from the cool mug fundraiser that Miss Mary is running at her store. She has the coolest display of pet and rescue awareness items. I have decided this donation is going to one of the rescue pups currently in foster care. She was a breeder momma who didn’t get proper care for her food allergies. Then the "man" wanted to throw her away, after all the money she made him. Some of you may have already read her story. Sweet Kiki this money will help you to keep getting the special raw diet that is helping you so much. I sure hope you won't have to have surgery. I have asked Momma if I can come visit you when your better. Love Your Helping a Fellow Breeder Dog to Live Her best Life Pup, King Ps. Miss Mary has lots of mugs left, if you donate 3$ or more to our rescue you get a free mug. Miss Mary is donating every penny to Diamond Dogs, she isn't keeping anything for the mugs.

Diamond Dogs