Missing Cody

Hi Friends! Momma and I have been talking a lot lately about my Angel Cody. It's so very hard losing one of our family members. Some days Momma worries that we made the right decision. I have told Momma that the decision to help a fur kid across the rainbow bridge is one of the greatest gifts a human can give their pet who is suffering. Momma asked Cody everyday for weeks as she was showing signs of her age. Momma would whisper in her ear "Sweet Cody please tell me when its time". On that Monday she let Momma know. Angel Cody is running free from every earthly issue, she is pain free and can breathe clearly. Knowing that gives us so much peace.
When it's time to help your pup across the rainbow bridge please know from the bottom of my puppy heart, us fur kids consider it your greatest act of Love. We know we have left paw prints on your heart, and you will love us even when we are gone.
Love Your Still Missing my Cody Pup, King

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