Senior Dogs Are Full of Life

Hi Friends!

Look what came in the mail! Can you believe it AARP. Someone must have told them I'm a Senior. I don't look like a Senior, I don't feel like a Senior, and momma says I never act my age. When I make new friends they ask when I will get to be full size. They are always suprised to hear I am 10 years old. I want people to look past my age. You know what's cool about guys like me? We are no longer doing all those naughty puppy things, we don't chew up your shoes, we're rarely hyper. Seniors are very chill and cuddly, yet we still can keep up with a busy family. Rescued senior doggies appreciate everything our humans do for us. We don't take our humans for granted. So If your thinking about a new family member, remember us older guys and gals have so much love to give too!

Love, Your Senior Guy ~King
P.S.: If your looking for me I'll be filling out my AARP application. I hope I get discounts at the doggie resorts, and pup restaurants!

senior dogs.jpg
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