Puppymill Awareness Day

Hi Friends!

Today is a very important day for me. September 15th is Puppymill Awareness Day! I am sharing a very personal picture of myself. It might not be the Handsome boy you all know. I was scared, and not feeling good. It was from the day Auntie Sheila took me from that awful place. I was scared and needed some serious TLC. Thanks to Auntie Sheila, her great vet Dr. Neil, and Momma, my life has changed so much. You can see by my smile how good I look. I am healthy and happy. Momma wants me to talk about our local pet stores Petco and Petsmart. When they sell puppies and kitties they are not from Puppymills, they are from local rescues and shelters to help save the lives of us furry friends.

Momma will be sharing a lot of posts today regarding Puppymills because we want to educate all of our friends. Also please watch for my special facebook page Cages to Castles a Journey of King. It will help you keep up with my travels and things this doggie thinks about. As Momma has been telling me lil guys like me can do big things.

Love Your Puppymill Survivor, King

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