Adopt, Don't Shop

Hi Friends!

See this pretty white dog? This is my sissy Sweetie. She is very camera shy and doesn't like momma taking her picture. Sweetie and I have been talking a lot about our pasts. You see, Sweetie was adopted from the Oshkosh Humane Society. She lived the first part of her life in Chicago as a street dog. She was so hungry that she finally let the humans trap her and take her to the shelter. Sweetie was telling me how they had extra space up in Oshkosh and she was one of the lucky ones who came by transport to be adopted up here. So many people think they can get cool doggies on the internet. They think they are pure bred and extra special. This is kind of true and I have fathered many babies that were sold this way. They were pure bred, but often they are not well, and their parents are kept in really bad conditions. 

Sweetie and I have a lot of similarities - we are very wary of humans, and we really love the fact that we now live the good life. If you need us, we will be lounging in our warm house, watching tv, and gossiping about the crazy kitties upstairs.

Love, King
P.S.: Adopt Don't Shop!

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