National Rescue Dog Day

Hi Friends! Today is a very special day! It is National Rescue Dog Day! We are celebrating at my house with treats outside. How are you celebrating? I would love to see some pictures of your rescue dogs in the comments. Yes I do log into Momma's computer and read the comments from all of my friends out there. When Momma rescued me almost two and a half years ago, she whispered in my ear that little dogs could do big things if they wanted too. I had no idea back than what she meant. Now I'm living the good life, I even eat my dinner on a plate on the couch (of course Momma said it's because I eat kind of slow and she can make sure no one steals my food). Today my request for you is to find one dog on a site that needs rescuing and just hit the share button. That way they too can live the good life, just like me. Together we will make a difference.

Diamond Dogs