Meet OJ

Hi Friends! I have a very special friend to share with you. This is my bff OJ. He is a feral cat, his momma brought him this winter when it was freezing and he was starving (Momma made him a shelter, and gave him food). OJ is very afraid of people, I can really relate to that. When I came to Diamond Dogs I was afraid of people too. I am helping OJ to not be so afraid of Momma so she can take him to the vet and make sure he is healthy. When a furbaby is around new people they don’t always act like loving animals. Sometimes they even forget their manners. Its very important that humans remember to give new furbabies time and space. They also need alot of love, just like I am doing with OJ. With a little time, patience and alot of love you will have a bff just like OJ. Love Your Helping the Fraidycat Pup, King

Diamond Dogs