Pets & Halloween—How Not to Spook Your Furry Friends

Hi Friends!

Its that time of year that many kids love! They get to dress up and go door to door and get candy. Some humans like their fur kids to have fun too. Here are my thoughts on Halloween and fur kids. As you all know, I love to dress up and hang out with humans. However many of my fur friends don't feel the same way. Putting a costume on your fur baby can be very scary for them. Please take some things into consideration, like not constricting their movement or line of sight. If you want them to participate, trying on the costume to see if your pet will tolerate it before you purchase it may be best. If they seem like they will, don't wait till your going to take them out in public to put the costume on them the first time. Let them wear it around the house. It is very important that you don't let them out of your sight with their costume on, just like parents don't let their small children wonder around without them. There are some bad things that can happen if they get tangled up in their cool costume. Also remember, your fur baby may be very afraid of the human kids that are dressed up. I won't be going out on Halloween, because the scary costumes and the high energy kids make me very uncomfortable. If you want your fur baby to go along, and they don't like dressing up, you can have him or her sport a bandana or cool collar, which is what most of us fur kids prefer - we do like being in our birthday suits best! Its also important to remember how toxic chocolate and xylitol (artificial sweeteners) are for your fur baby. Please don't share your tasty human treats with your fur kids. It can cause a belly ache or even much worse… death. We are extremely happy with extra belly rubs and kisses instead.

Love, Your Dress Up Lovin' Boy King

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