Making Arrangements for the Unexpected

Hi Friends!

This week we lost a loved one in our family. He no longer had fur kids, but when he did he actually had them put in his will. He made sure that they would be taken care of after his passing. Does that seem surprising? It shouldn't, its very important that we think about the fur kids in the house before something happens. Often we make arrangements for personal belongings but forget about those who truly are near and dear to our hearts. This can be true even regarding some of our older human friends who might need someone to check in on them. Remember to also check on their pets, sometimes as we get older we forget things. It is important to make sure their beloved fur kids are receiving proper care and nutrition. If you're struggling to figure out what should happen to your beloved fur family member, you can contact a local rescue. They can assist with names, phone numbers, and ideas of what to do.

I also want to make sure all of my human friends out there remember that when you go through some challenging times, you can lean on your fur kids. We are here to listen, and we never judge. Did you know if you have anxiety or are extremely stressed and you pet your fur family member, it can reduce your stress level? We are always here for you.

Love, Your Comforting Pup King

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