Visiting Macie

Hi Friends! I've had the best day ever and I have a new bff!!! Today Momma and I drove down to Mt Horeb. I found out that there was an amazing girl named Macie who requested, that instead of her friends bringing toys to her birthday party, they bring cool things for rescue pups! Her friends were excited to help doggies too! I told my Momma that I had to go thank her in person and give her puppy snuggles. I also wanted to bring her a little something. She is so awesome! I loved meeting her and her momma it's been the best day ever! So if you are trying to think of a way to help pups, this is a great way to do it! When a pup comes into a rescue they often have nothing. They have never had a collar, a toy, and many times not even healthy food. This act of kindness shows them how people can be kind and love them. Love Your Celebrating my new Bff Pup, King

Diamond Dogs