King Gets Married

Hi Friends! My beautiful Cody and I have been very busy over the last week. On Valentines Day 2019. We had a beautiful private ceremony. Cody wore a gorgeous antique lace gown, I wore a handsome tuxedo with paw print cuff links. Its official she is my Queen Cody. This week we have been celebrating country style. I want my beautiful Cody to learn about the state of Tennesee that I came from. Momma said at our age flying alone isn't recommended. She has helped us enjoy the best things from Tennessee right here in chilly Wisconsin. Momma is going to send our Friends at Diamond Dogs a honeymoon update this weekend to share with all of you. Please remember senior dogs have just as much love to give as our puppy friends. Love Your Living Our Happily Ever After, King and Cody

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