Celebrating Thanksgiving

Hi friends! I am still celebrating Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for all of my friends out there. I went on a little field trip. I went to see some of the ways that people are donating to Diamond Dogs rescue. Today I went to The Country Rose Shop in Poy Sippi, Wisconsin. My friend Miss Mary has a cash box, there's all kinds of cash in there. I wanted to tell Miss Mary Thank You from the bottom of my puppy heart! If you are in Berlin, Wisconsin you can donate to Diamond Dogs also. We made 2 stops in Berlin. The first was at the Veterinary office of Berlin. They have a paws tree up with requests for Diamond Dogs. The second was at Tractor Supply. They have a sign up, with donation requests. A big puppy Thank You to Miss Carrie for all of her work on the Paws Trees! I am so grateful for everyone who helps us save more doggies in need. Love Your Extremly Thankful Pup, King

Ps. I am also Thankful for fresh Turkey! That is something puppymill pups will never know.

Diamond Dogs