About Our Wisconsin Dog Rescue


Diamond Dogs Rescue is a local dog rescue and nonprofit organization based out of Madison, Wisconsin.

Established in early 2017, we are a 100% foster and volunteer based Wisconsin rescue, and we receive all of our funding through local community support, including business sponsorships and personal donations.

We do not have a physical location or shelter, but all of our dogs are placed in foster homes where they are loved and cared for until they find their forever homes.

Our mission consists of four separate, but equally important, pillars:

  1. To save dogs’ lives through adoption, spay and neuter efforts, retention and education

  2. To provide our dogs with every opportunity to find a safe and loving home

  3. To base all of our decisions on compassion and the guidance of a caring professional

  4. To maintain the highest ethical standards toward animals and their humans

King, the Diamond Dog Rescue ambassador

King, the Diamond Dog Rescue ambassador

Meet our leadership team


Amy - Board Member

I live with my husband, Phil, my two children, Sam and Alex, and our resident dogs and fosters. We've been the foster family of over 50 dogs, and forever family of 11 fur-children. Outside of dog rescue, I work as a business analyst for an insurance company in Madison.

We have three resident dogs: a teacup Chihuahua, named Toto; a dachshund, named Miley (AKA Mama); and a pit mix, named Potato. Four years ago, we adopted our first rescue dog, and we started fostering shortly after.

For us, rescue is a family thing. Every foster dog we bring into our home holds a special place in our hearts and brings us joy. Rescue is what our family was meant to do.

We introduce these dogs to love and happiness, and show them what it means to have a family and a home – that is, until their perfect home and forever family finds them.


Crystal – Board Member

I first got into animal rescue several years ago, after rescuing my first cat, Toeby, from the Humane Society. Shortly after bringing Toeby home, a series of squirrels, hedgehog, cat, dog, deer, bird, and turtle rescues ensued. If they needed rescuing, I was a sucker, and everyone knew they could call on my help—including the Humane Society!

Four year ago, after learning the sheer number of unwanted pets in need, I transitioned my focus into foster-based rescue. My nearly full-time obsession with helping at risk dogs landed me on the board of directors for one of Wisconsin’s largest rescues. I continued working with many others throughout the following years, and realized a new approach was needed. With a handful of other seasoned rescue volunteers, together, we created Diamond Dogs Rescue. My background in finances and investments, as well as marketing, has helped tremendously throughout the process!

My home in Southwest Wisconsin consists of my resident dog Duke the Puke (don’t ask!), Oreo, my financial advising cat, and a few goldfish named Dorothy. Most of the time there’s also a foster pup or two, looking for hope and their forever families.

Rescue works beautifully with my hippie lifestyle that’s full of gardening, learning, living in the nature that surrounds me, and leading as natural and harmless of an existence as possible.

Life changes when you stop thinking “Someone should really do something about that,” and begin to understand that you are that someone.


Lynne – Records & Medical Appointments, Board Member

I looked into rescue when I lost my dog Annie when she died at an early age. I wanted to help those dogs who may die because someone decided they didn’t matter anymore. That application to volunteer changed my life. The joy of saving a dog from the unthinkable is not only the best feeling in the world, but helping those without a voice also heals the soul. Since my voice is quite loud, I am happy to use it to help our furry four-legged animals! Watching a dog blossom and find the perfect home is the best feeling you can eve imagine. Watching a scared, timid dog go home always brings tears of joy. 

My family consists of my two sons, my grandson, two grand puppies, and my two dogs. I'm proud to be a dog mom to my dogs, as they are my furry best friends. My home in Wisconsin is called Sunshine Acre, as the best things happened at home—everyone is happy most of the time! My life is simple with dogs, kids, honesty, and integrity.

At Diamond Dogs Rescue I help mainly by arranging veterinary care, but I also jump in whenever needed in order to achieve my goal: be an advocate for our dogs and help them get to their perfect furever home.


Nancy - Home Visit Team Lead

I would like to tell you a little about myself. I’ve been married to my husband, Mike, for 21 years. I work at Bright Horizons Childcare Center as an Infant Teacher. We have identical twin sons, Eli and Elijah, who are 17 that we were blessed with as foster/adoptive parents at the age of 3. They joined our family with 2 furbabies, Sadie (Rat Terrier/Dachshund Mix) and Cody (Black Lab-14 ½ years old), and they learned quickly that our lives are even more special with our pups. We lost our princess Sadie last August and we were so broken hearted as she was our world. I started searching on the internet to humane societies which brought me to a picture of sweet pup that lead us to Diamond Dog Rescue. Diamond Dog Rescue’s adoption experience was so uplifting and trustworthy. We adopted our sweet diamond Gracie (1 year old) into our family and we are so Thankful for her. She is the reason I decided to give back by volunteering my time to make a difference in someone else’s life too. I started my journey and it’s been so rewarding with helping others with adding a blessing to their families. We added another blessing to our family in February when Diamond Dog Rescue got a litter of 10 week old black lab puppies that were going to be disposed of at an Amish Farm in Missouri, Ollie (5 months) was saved. We feel like we finally found our niche in life with rescue and love that we can do this as a family. We have huge hearts for all the rescue dogs and want to see all of them get into their FOREVER homes!!


King - Diamond Dogs Ambassador

My memory of the 10 years before December 9th, 2016 is very foggy. On that day I boarded a plane in Tennessee with Pilots for Paws headed to Wisconsin. In the 10 years prior I spent my life in a cage. My sole purpose was to father as many pretty puppies as possible. I was never given a name, nor was I given love, attention, medical care, or even a healthy meal. 

When I joined Diamond Dogs Rescue I was very scared of humans. My foster family let me take all of the time I needed to understand what love is. Today I still have some issues with fear around humans (I love other dogs), but as long as my mom or sisters hold me, I am just fine. My foster family made me officially one of their pack members on July 4th, 2017. I live with my mom, 2 human sisters who are in college, 3 doggie sisters Jade (the Boss Lady) Bella (the Sassy one) Sweetie (the Shy one), 1 kitty sister Ashley Tanner (the Diva), and 1 kitty brother Mittens (the quiet one). 

How did a guy like me become an ambassador? With all of those years in a cage and nothing to do but think, I have a lot to say. I have become good at posting on social media, and making people smile with some of my doggie antics. I love to go out and share my story knowing I am a voice for all of my fellow fur brothers and sisters waiting for their forever home. 

My message to you: Adopt Don't Shop! You will save a life.